TTOB sleeve

TTOB Sleeve

Custom Box Sleeves Printing Services

 Similar to our standard box sleeve is our TTOB sleeves as they serve practically the same service with a small twist. With our TTOB sleeves, or in extended terms our “Tucked-Top, Open-Bottom” sleeves, we offer a specialized box sleeve with a closing top and and an open bottom for your product to be inserted through. Otherwise our TTOB Sleeve still gives the same benefits and versatility of our box sleeves as you can have virtually anything you can imagine printed onto your very own box sleeve with the addition of giving your product a clean and stylized look. With our TTOB sleeves, we are offering a simple and cost-friendly solution to all your product packaging needs..

Our Clients

Over the past few years we have serviced a lot of clients which includes top notched companies globally renowned.Neverthless we have a long way to go.

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