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Another field of boxes that Business Image Printing excels in custom printed vitamin boxes. Our experienced consultants always make the effort to understand the big picture of your needs and requirements for your custom printed vitamin boxes for your supplement products. Business Image Boxes Printing Printing experts are capable of producing the right custom printed box for your vitamins according to your need for different sizes, types, volumes and forms of vitamin containers.

For custom printed vitamin boxes, our professionals are able to add a magical touch to it, with a see through window. A see through window allows customers to have a quick glance of the inside of the packaging box. After all the consumers will really be dealing with the product, so the see through window will satisfy customers’ curiosity about the products. At the same time, it will clear up the customers’ hesitation towards the vitamin.

At Business Image Printing Custom Boxes Printing, creating the best-fit boxes for your products is no longer complicated. From scratch, our business image experts will brainstorm for ideas. Then our graphic designers will create a mock up of the custom printed vitamin box that fulfills your ideas and your requirements. With designing software, a prototype will be provided and changes on the details can be amended according to your demands before your approval. Upon approval, the design will be sent to our production team to produce, and you will be informed when the custom printed vitamin boxes are ready for pick up, delivery or shipping.

Other than using green materials, Business Image Printing also confidently presents the safest and most convenient custom printed vitamin boxes to you. Our professional consultants will make sure that the information presentation on the custom printed vitamin boxes is compliant with regulations and is communicative with the potential customers. We understand that end users have a very high expectation for the appearance and safety of the packaging of vitamin products as the contents are to be consumed orally. Hence they need to be packaged with care. Therefore, we offer a wide range of packaging box styles at top-notch quality, and are confident that you will find one that matches your needs. Our custom printed vitamin boxes are long lasting and will give an outstanding protection for your vitamin products. You can definitely entrust us with the task of keeping your vitamin bottles safe and presentable.

Along the years we have served a huge number of customers that are satisfied with our astounding performance at Business Image Printing. Our reasonable pricing is our way of maintaining long lasting relationships with our customers. We are also recognized by our punctual job delivery. If you are looking for trustworthy packaging solutions for your vitamin products, Business Image Printing is always here at your service.




Over the past few years we have serviced a lot of clients which includes top notched companies globally renowned. Neverthless we have a long way to go.