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Energydrink display box

Date: Wed, April 30, 2014
You guys rocked. Joshua is excited to do more… we’re just getting started and expect some great things!

Vaughn Juares

Perfume tuck end box

Date: Fri, Jan 17, 2014
We received the boxes yesterday! They look amazing!
Thank you again for your great service!

Susan Klivans
B. Baby, Inc.

Energydrink display box

Date: Wed, April 30, 2014
You guys rocked. Joshua is excited to do more… we’re just getting started and expect some great things!

Vaughn Juares

Event planner tuck end box

Date: Mon, Dec 02, 2013
Hi Lou/Jack – Can’t remember if I sent you a note to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, the boxes turned out GREAT!….
They really are terrific, as are the two of you – thanks a million!
Again, thanks so much – have a great holiday season!

Amy K. Harris
Creative Events Officer
Plan A: Creative Events, LLC


Date: Tue, Oct 08, 2013
Hi Lou!
I just wanted to personally thank you for the terrific service and quality you gave me and my client, Taylor G. of Daily Donor. He was very pleased with the final results of the presentation box you printed.
I look forward to working with you again.
All the best,

Rebecca Rogers

Medical box sleeve

Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2012
We got the sleeves and they look awesome. Thanks. How much would 5000 more cost us?

Nick Arroyo

Custom printed cardboard medicine boxes

I just wanted to send you all an email thanking you so much for your wonderful product. We are using your boxes for an exhibit on the polio vaccine and everyone is amazed at the quality of your work. To be quite honest, we could not have done our project to the scale that we are without Business Image Printing. Your prices are so reasonable and your customer service is top-notch. Thanks again for making this possible for us. We would love to work with you on future projects.
Keep up the great work,

Sarah Anderson

Head Graphic Designer, Exhibitions Design and Production

Indiana Historical Society


Custom printed cardboard candle boxes

Yes, they look great! They are very sturdy and I have no concerns that they will hold the weight of the candles. Thank you for the excellent job!!! I really appreciate your rushing the job and getting them delivered to me so quickly, too. I’m very happy with how they turned out. I will take pictures later today with the candle inside so you can see how great they look!!!
Thank you so much!

Faith Larson

Empress Essentials

Custom printed cardboard food boxes

We are so appreciative for you guys making this happen!!! Thanks again!

Lanae Phillips

Sun Flour Mills

Custom printed cardboard software boxes

Yes, I just picked them up. They look great. Thank you.

L. Chase Chandler, CCO

Flyware Family, LLC.


Custom printed cardboard counter display boxes

Everything was great with the easel and I appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf.

Paul Rosen


Custom printed cardboard game boxes

Thank you Lou. They look very nice.
Arlene Vazquez-Lopez

BluePoint Security

Custom printed cardboard book sleeve boxes

Sorry I missed you when I picked up the sleeves. They turned out great by the way!!


Venice, CA

Custom printed cardboard cosmetic boxes

I just wanted to thank you all, I’m so happy with our box. I know it took many attempts but I feel it was well worth it. I am going to need some other items from you after the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday and again, Thanks so much we are very happy with our box.

Lars and Bobbie Cattanese, Owners

Scents of Purpose

Custom printed cardboard product boxes

Everything is perfect and thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf, I will be in touch.
Thanks Again,

Paul Rosen


Custom printed cardboard ink cartridge boxes

Excellent job. Boxes look fantastic, delivery went smooth. We’ll definitely be using you guys again.

Keith R.


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