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As the state of California gradually opens back up, we’re changing our policies accordingly to reflect current circumstances. Until recently, we have put a temporary hold on walk-ins for the sake of our communities’, clients’, and staff members’ safety.

BIP News 1 - Khloe Kardashian - skincare packaging

Custom Printed Skincare Boxes and Packaging

On July 18th, we had an amazing surprise—Khloé Kardashian had boosted one of our client’s facial toners* in a Youtube video for Vogue with nearly 9.7 million views! And at 0:35, she lets slip,… 


Learn how to boost your CBD packaging with our tips!

CBD is becoming more and more popular amongst the population. Due to it’s
medicinal reasons, it helps its users ease pain and lower their stress. But as studies grow, some suggest that CBD treatment helps fight against insomnia. While the many factors boost the push…..

March BIP-BPC news

The One Trend to Avoid When Designing Your Custom Product Boxes

When it comes to figuring out your custom product boxes, almost anything goes as far as your graphic design. However, there’s one common design trend that doesn’t play nicely with printing your product packaging—and that’s borders. Borders are commonly used in packaging designs to create a particular look or frame important elements, but having borders of any kind….

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You Can Now Get Custom Labels, Stickers, and More for Your Products Here!

If your products are packaged in bottles, jars, or something similar, chances are that labels comprise part of your packaging setup. Great news—you can now get gorgeous custom labels here along with your custom product boxes! Simply share how many labels you need, the size, and any other info you have and we’ll take care of the rest. Just like product boxes, labels are a widespread element….


Disposable Gloves Packaging

Custom glove boxes are one of the most straightforward packaging types around—no frills, nothing fancy, just a simple container for the stuff inside that really matters. If you’ve sourced disposable latex or nitrile gloves and are seeking box packaging, look no further.  Given increased demand, custom glove boxes are now simpler to get than ever! Just let us know how many boxes you need and for what quantity (e.g. boxes for 100 gloves),…..

News - Custom Packaging During COVID-19

A Primer: Custom Packaging in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has, to put it lightly, disrupted production routines for hundreds of thousands of business owners. With many states enacting stay-at-home orders and the potential for a surge in case counts if states loosen restrictions too soon, altered business practices in response to COVID-19 could stay in place for months as business owners work to maintain a safe environment for their employees in a highly volatile situation…..

BIP - News - Face Mask Boxes

Face Mask Packaging

Need custom face mask boxes? This is the place to get them! Since 2011, hundreds of satisfied clients have enjoyed quality custom packaging for their auto parts, skincare products, supplements, frozen meals, and much more. We’ve been privileged to produce packaging for medical devices and disposable gloves, and due to increased demand, we’re proud to now offer custom face mask packaging as well! Getting your face mask boxes works…….

news-post-Did You Know We're On Social Media

Did You Know We’re on Social Media?

Social media can provide a welcome break from the grind of running a business—but did you know it can be a great source of inspiration as well for your custom packaging? There are many packaging companies sharing the latest and greatest in cool packaging on their social media—and we’re one of them! Here’s how you can benefit: Browse through box styles easily: No more navigating through webpages on your phone—looking……..

news-post-3 Ways to Ensure Your Packaging Job Goes Off Without a Hitch

3 Ways to Ensure Your Packaging Job Goes Off Without a Hitch

Custom packaging is an investment above all else—and considering how crucial it is for your branding, there are few things as important as ensuring yours turns out fantastic. Here are three things to watch out for above all else: Be sure your design files are set up correctly Your template (dieline) files come with specific instructions for your designer indicating how to set up and save your finished packaging design file so it’s as printer-friendly as possible….

How Soon Can I Get

How Soon Can I Get My Custom Packaging?

Turnaround time is a major factor in deciding which packaging supplier you go with. Here’s a quick guide on our own lead times to help you plan things out according to your deadlines: A quick turnaround needed: Digital printing, 1-7 business days Need boxes quickly? Your best bet is digital printing! Digital printing requires a minimal setup time and is the best option for packaging jobs where speed is of the essence…….

will My Packaging

Will My Packaging Look Exactly Like My Design File or Product Label?

Color is crucial for brand recognition, and as a result, all types of commercial printing falls under close scrutiny—will the blue, light green, or hot pink in your design file translate 100% to your finished packaging? The short answer is that printing professionals can get very close, but an exact match to a particular shade is not really possible, even with technicians who have decades of experience. The reason? It comes down to different…..

How Many Colors Can

How Many Colors Can I Have on My Boxes?

It’s a common question—you need pricing for blue boxes, or black ones, or boxes with several colors, and you’re wondering how the pricing differs. The short answer: it’s all the same! Although one tends to think of boxes in terms of the literal colors seen in an existing design (for example, a box with a white, black, blue, and purple design), all the colors in your custom packaging are printed using combinations of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) ink…..

BIP News - Why Getting Custom Packaging Done Abroad Isn't Always Cheaper

Why Getting Your Custom Packaging Done Abroad Isn’t Always Cheaper

As a business owner, production costs must be kept down, so it sounds smart to go with whatever company offers the lowest pricing for your custom packaging. Whether it’s an American packaging supplier outsourcing their production overseas, or companies abroad advertising directly to American business owners, it’s possible to encounter unit prices as low as 10-15 cents per box. Great idea, right? Actually, it’s worth being……..

BIP-BPC News - 250 Free Business Card

250 FREE Business Cards with your new order

Custom packaging is just one of the things that makes a business go—between licensing, setting up a website, product development, and working with vendors left and right, it’s easy to feel as if you’re only running on fumes. We pride ourselves on supporting both new entrepreneurs and established long-time clients in all their professional endeavors—which is why we’re offering 250 FREE business cards…….

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing image

Digital printing vs. Offset printing

Digital printing and offset printing are two major printing methods used today in all sorts of items—but what’s the difference between them and which is best for you? Digital printing uses inkjet and laser technology, while offset printing is a more involved setup using large machinery and special plates to transfer the ink. This hints at a couple of things: Setup and turnaround: Offset printing comes hand in hand with a more complex ……

Frozen food packaging April 2020

Frozen Food Packaging

If you’re looking for custom frozen food boxes, this is the place! With free templates and samples to help fine-tune your design concepts, getting packaging for your frozen meals, desserts, and snacks couldn’t be easier.  Your frozen food boxes are made from sturdy 24-pt material—thicker than many other suppliers’ standard paper—and printed in the US with vivid soy inks. The result? Bright colors on durable packaging that withstands……

Vitamin supplement box packaging April 2020

Vitamin and Supplement Packaging

If you’re looking to sell your vitamins or supplements, custom boxes can help! Aside from offering greater protection for your bottles, using custom printed boxes for your vitamins and supplements offers a professional look and more space for cohesive branding than labeled bottles alone. Getting your custom vitamin and supplement boxes is simple! After receiving your quote, simply opt for in-house design services or a template to take to your preferred……

Cleaning Sanitation Supplies April 2020

Cleaning and Sanitation Product Packaging

Ever thought about custom printed boxes for your cleaning and sanitation products? You may want to—they offer premium shelf presence and superior protection for your products that’s hard to pass up. Best of all, integrating boxes into your packaging approach is easy to do, even if it’s your first time. Just share some basic information, then go nuts (or not) with your packaging design. Review and approve your sample box, then sit back—you’ll soon….

BIP News - Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design Services

We’ll get right to it: If you dread the thought of seeking out a graphic designer for your custom packaging, fear no more—you can now get all your packaging designs done here! In the past, we offered free custom templates (called dielines) to our clients, who then created their packaging designs with a designer of their choice. While this was not a problem with most clients, some new entrepreneurs without an established network of collaborators found…..

BIP News - Preroll Packaging

New Packaging Styles for Your Pre-Rolls

There’s been a recent uptick in demand for pre-roll packaging, and we’re responding with innovative concepts for pre-rolls sold individually and in multipacks. So if you need custom packaging for pre-rolls or anything similar, we have tailor-made options for you! We’ve been offering so-called “tray and sleeve” packaging for years, and we’re happy to now offer this same style modified with cannabis pre-rolls in mind.* Each individual………

BIP News - Cannabis and CBD Salve Packaging

A Fresh Packaging Style for Cannabis and CBD Salves

Sometimes a cleverly-made box can be just what you need to stand out from the competition. We’ve been getting more requests for cannabis and CBD salve packaging lately, and like everything else, they all require great design to last on the market. We’re always looking for chances to create custom packaging concepts that clients will love, and recently created the type featured above! This cannabis and CBD salve packaging features………..


Custom Printed Makeup and Skincare Packaging

For better or worse, the cosmetics and skincare industry has always taken to the extreme the premise that only the most beautiful packaging can hope to stay in business. While design trends come and go, investing in custom printed makeup and skincare packaging will always keep you a step ahead of the competition. The world of custom printing is complicated. Luckily, not on your side of things! We’ve simplified all…..

BIP News 2 - Soap Packaging Humble Bumble

Custom Printed Soap Boxes and Packaging

If you’re serious about increasing your profits from your soap business, custom printed soap boxes and packaging is an investment you must make. Not only does it leave a better impression on customers, it doesn’t need to break your budget, either! Whether you’re close to our SoCal office or across the country, already have a design ready or don’t know where to start, our highly experienced expert team will be happy to help you figure……


Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom printed food packaging can help establish your up-and-coming brand as a real force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s meal prep, frozen desserts, or quick premade meals, custom food packaging has always been in high demand to give color to and create a strong brand presence among the ubiquitous plastic containers and lids that pervade the industry. While custom food boxes have always been popular, custom printed box sleeves……..


Custom Printed Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in America, but you won’t get far without crucial investments like custom printed cannabis packaging. Selling tinctures? Vape cartridges? CBD lotions? We carry packaging for all of them and more! Whether you’re looking for simple boxes or unforgettable textures and accents, our free consultations will guide you toward making the smartest choices on your custom cannabis packaging……….


Custom Printed Hemp CBD Packaging

Looking for custom printed hemp CBD packaging with beautiful print quality you can count on? You’re in the right place! We’re all about presenting your hemp CBD products in their best light, whether it’s in simple boxes or going the extra mile with standout options. Plus, we give you all the help you need to get your packaging done fast and beautifully. If this is your first time getting custom packaging, don’t fret! Our dedicated team offers…………..


Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Packaging

Make no mistake–having custom printed vape cartridge packaging takes your bottom line from meh to wow! No matter how big or small your budget, we’ve got all the options—fully customizable, of course—to set you up with vape packaging you and others will love. Since 2015, many vape brands have enjoyed using our custom vape cartridge boxes to sustain and grow their business—not just because of the high-quality packaging, but also………….


Custom Printed Tincture Packaging

Did you know that custom printed tincture packaging is one of our bestsellers within the cannabis industry? Whether you’re looking for basic boxes on your tiny budget or you’re dreaming of something stunning, our myriad of beautiful options will show off your tinctures at their very best! Our curved-back display box is a beautifully elegant packaging option for your tinctures and are often used at dispensaries. Its large back and front panel offer plenty…..


Custom Printed CBD Packaging

Did you know custom printed CBD packaging is one of our bestsellers? Since 2015, clients have been enjoying Business Image Printing’s high quality, fast turnaround, and reasonable prices on their CBD products! Many clients selling tinctures to vape cartridges and everything else in between enjoy free walk-in consultations at our Southern California location………


Custom Printed Band Sleeves

Have you considered using custom printed band sleeves for your products? Band sleeves are a beautiful, sleek packaging choice offering true standout power and gorgeous presentation everywhere they’re used, including on your products! Band sleeves are often confused with box sleeves, but can be distinguished due to how they only span the middle of a box rather than the entire length…..