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 In the face of the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic spreading across America, we are dedicated to safeguarding,the health of our local communities, clients, and team members.

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BIP News 1 - Khloe Kardashian - skincare packaging

Custom Printed Skincare Boxes and Packaging

On July 18th, we had an amazing surprise—Khloé Kardashian had boosted one of our client’s facial toners* in a Youtube video for Vogue with nearly 9.7 million views! And at 0:35, she lets slip,… 

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BIP News - Why Getting Custom Packaging Done Abroad Isn't Always Cheaper

Why Getting Your Custom Packaging Done Abroad Isn’t Always Cheaper

As a business owner, production costs must be kept down, so it sounds smart to go with whatever company offers the lowest pricing for for your custom packaging. Whether it’s an ,……..

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BIP-BPC News - 250 Free Business Card

250 FREE Business Cards

Custom packaging is just one of the things that makes a business go—between licensing, setting up a website, product development, and working with vendors left and right,……..

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Frozen food packaging April 2020

Frozen Food Packaging

If you’re looking for custom frozen food boxes, this is the place! With free templates and samples to help fine-tune your design concepts, getting packaging for your….

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Vitamin supplement box packaging April 2020

Vitamin and Supplement Packaging

If you’re looking to sell your vitamins or supplements, custom boxes can help! Aside from offering greater protection for your bottles, using custom printed boxes for your vitamins and……

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Cleaning Sanitation Supplies April 2020

Cleaning and Sanitation Product Packaging

Ever thought about custom printed boxes for your cleaning and sanitation products? You may want to—they offer premium shelf presence and superior protection for your products ……

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BIP News - Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design Services

We’ll get right to it: If you dread the thought of seeking out a graphic designer for your custom packaging, fear no more—you can now get all your packaging designs done here!…….

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BIP News - Preroll Packaging

New Packaging Styles for Your Pre-Rolls

There’s been a recent uptick in demand for pre-roll packaging, and we’re responding with innovative concepts for pre-rolls sold individually and in multipacks. If you’re serious about…….

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BIP News - Cannabis and CBD Salve Packaging

A Fresh Packaging Style for Cannabis and CBD Salves

Sometimes a cleverly-made box can be just what you need to stand out from the competition. We’ve been getting more requests for cannabis and CBD salve packaging lately, Custom printed……..

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Custom Printed Makeup and Skincare Packaging

For better or worse, the cosmetics and skincare industry has always taken to the extreme the premise that only the most beautiful packaging can hope to stay in business. While design trends come and go, …….

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BIP News 2 - Soap Packaging Humble Bumble

Custom printed Soap Boxes and Packaging

If you’re serious about increasing your profits from your soap business, custom printed soap boxes and packaging is an investment you must make. Not only does it leave  a better impression on customers….

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Custom Printed Food Packaging

Custom printed food packaging can help establish your up-and-coming brand as a real force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s meal prep, frozen desserts, or quick premade meals, custom food packaging ……..

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Custom Printed Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in America, but you won’t get far without crucial investments like custom printed cannabis packaging. Selling tinctures? Vape cartridges? CBD lotions?…………

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Custom printed Hemp CBD packaging

Looking for custom printed hemp CBD packaging with beautiful print quality you can count on? You’re in the right place! We’re all about presenting your hemp CBD products in their best light, whether it’s …….

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Custom Printed Vape Cartridge Packaging

Make no mistake–having custom printed vape cartridge packaging takes your bottom line from meh to wow! No matter how big or small your budget, we’ve got all the options—fully customizable, of………………

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Custom Printed Tincture Packaging

Did you know that custom printed tincture packaging is one of our bestsellers within the cannabis industry? Whether you’re looking for basic boxes on your tiny budget or you’re dreaming of something…..

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Custom Printed CBD Packaging

Did you know custom printed CBD packaging is one of our bestsellers? Since 2015, clients have been enjoying Business Image Printing’s high quality, fast turnaround, and reasonable prices on their CBD …..

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Custom Printed Band Sleeves

Have you considered using custom printed band sleeves for your products? Band sleeves are a beautiful, sleek packaging choice offering true standout power and gorgeous presentation everywhere they’re ………

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