Custom Tuck Top Snap-lock Bottom Box Printing and Packaging


Tuck top snap lock bottom packaging is also as known as 123 bottom, is used almost exclusively as a bottom closure, large piece locking panel go in first then two dust flap and small piece locking panel tuck underneath the large locking panel to complete sealing, often combined with tuck top closure. This is a hand erected and closed style.

Same as a tuck top auto bottom but the bottom is not pre glued. The custom tuck top snap lock bottom has four flaps that are folded and locked to form the bottom. It is as stronger as the auto-lock bottom, but less expensive to manufacture, and takes longer time to assemble

Application: The Tuck top snap lock bottom box packaging can be used widely such as

– Electronic Products Packaging

– Cosmetic Products Packaging

– Toy Products Packaging

– Food Products Packaging

– Beauty Products Packaging

– Gift Products Packaging

– Software Products Packaging


And much more…

Please feel free to contact us for more details of Tuck top snap lock bottom Box Printing and Packaging. Free Design Template available upon requested.

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