Custom Side Angled Tear-off Display Box Printing and Packaging


The Side-Angled Tear-off Display box packaging is constructed as normal packaging, but it has pre-perforated in angle at 2 sides, so it can be tear off to expose the product inside.

This style of packaging is used more often in retail products packaging, where that products need to be easy to access or displaying.

The bottom of this type of packaging can be constructed either Auto-lock Bottom or Snap Lock Bottom (also called 1-2-3 box and packaging style) depending the weight of products contained.

The top box panel can have a pre-scored line (grease line) or special die cut shape, so it can be folded half way backward to be a display panel.


Application: The Side-Angled Tear-off Display box packaging can be used widely such as:

– Retail Products Packaging

– Chocolate, Candy bars Products Packaging

– Lipstick, Lip balm, Lip gloss Products Packaging

– Food Products Packaging

– Beauty Products Packaging

– Energy drink Products Packaging

– Soap Products Packaging


And much more…

Please feel free to contact us for more details of The Side-Angled Tear-off Display box packaging. Free Design Template available upon requested.

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