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Hanger box sleeves are a great way to take your product off the shelf and make them readily available to be placed on hooks in stores. At Business Image Printing, box sleeves are one of our most in demand and popular products to date, and for good reason as well! It’s the most cost efficient box style without losing the creative control to have whatever artistic design on your packaging.

The presentation of your product is a crucial aspect of getting customers to purchase, and what better way is there to sell products than with your very own custom packaging. With us, your custom printed hanger box sleeves will perfectly cover your product and slide easily yet remain snug because we take your product’s box exact measurement to calculate the ideal size for your hanger box sleeve.

We give you full creative space in designing the perfect packaging for your taste as our team of experts is readily equipped to help you create practically anything you can imagine. With the full range of CMYK colors, we can print any design or image you’d like onto your custom packaging such as your product itself, a certain coloring scheme, or a company logo.

With an extensive library of options and creative space, we can help you build almost any kind of custom printed box you’d like to give your product the unique look and feel it deserves. In the end, our goal is to make sure that our clients will leave satisfied with their new custom printed hanger box sleeve and glad that they chose us to create custom packaging for their product.




Over the past few years we have serviced a lot of clients which includes top notched companies globally renowned. Neverthless we have a long way to go.