Custom Lid and Base Box Printing and Packaging


The custom Lid and Base box packaging style is basically a combination of two trays put together. It is using the tray box style to construct. Both top lid and bottom base are same box style. The only difference is the top lid dimension is just a bit larger than the bottom base, so it can cover up firmly.

The tray box or the double glued sidewall tray is constructed with 2 sidewalls to be double glued and stay flat. So, it would provide more strength and durability around the packaging. It needs to be handed form to the tray by fold the other two ends then roll down to lock with the other two sides. This is a top load packaging style.

Application: The custom Lid and Base box packaging can be used widely such as:

– Game Products Packaging

– Cosmetic Products Packaging

– Toy Products Packaging

– Food Products Packaging

– Beauty Products Packaging

– Gift Products Packaging

– Retail Products Packaging


And much more…

Please feel free to contact us for more details of the custom Lid and Base box packaging. Free Design Template available upon requested.

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