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The Gable box packaging is featured a unique shape with a handy handle. The box bottom can be a tuck in, snap lock or auto lock bottom box style. Easy to assemble, the two sides fold together for the handle and then the ends fold up and lock on to a tab extending from the handle.

Box size is inside and does not include the handle or gable. The custom shape die cut window can be added on box sides for the products exposes from inside. The modification from the handle can be a house roof shape box as well. The most exciting thing about a gable packaging style is its shape. It is constructed on a rectangle and folds into trapezium on top usually with handle for carriage. The Gable box packaging makes a great first impression with each one of your customers.

With its attractive origami-like folded shape, this type of box packaging is popular in the food delivery industry but it’s also an excellent container for gifts, corporate giveaways, and party favors. The typical gable box packaging is a closed container with tapering tabs that lock together to become the carry handles.

The popular variant replaces the propped-up handle with a flat top. This style of gable packaging has a foldable handle that makes it possible to stack multiple boxes on top of one another. The handle is not the only part with variable designs. The compartment may also have a cutout that serves as a cup holder. Gable box packaging is a delight to see and open especially. But, when it comes to packaging in a gable box, you can pack almost anything that can fit inside it with style. Application: The Gable box packaging can be used widely such as:

– Beverage Products Packaging

– Carry out food Products Packaging

– Gift Products Packaging

– Food Products Packaging

– Beauty Products Packaging

– Retail Products Packaging

And much more… Please feel free to contact us for more details of the Gable box packaging. Free Design Template available upon requested.

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