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Custom packaging is an investment above all else—and considering how crucial it is for your branding, there are few things as important as ensuring yours turns out fantastic. Here are three things to watch out for above all else:

Be sure your design files are set up correctly
Your template (dieline) files come with specific instructions for your designer indicating how to set up and save your finished packaging design file so it’s as printer-friendly as possible. To avoid delays, it’s necessary to adhere to those requirements. Many gorgeous designs are a nightmare to print due to the complex ways designers tend to create and save these files—but even complicated designs can and should be optimized, which cuts down on production time and reduces unexpected and costly errors. So be sure your designer reads those instructions carefully and please ask questions if needed—we’re always happy to provide clarification on how to optimize your designs for printing!

Triple-check everything on your design and proofs
Because clients are more familiar with their niche and branding than their packaging supplier will ever be, clients are responsible for making sure their packaging design complies with local, state, and federal packaging regulations for their industry and is free of spelling mistakes and other issues. You’d be surprised how often packaging gets printed with avoidable errors! We offer a full suite of free resources including consultations, templates, and full-color sample boxes to get your packaging looking its very best; do take full advantage of them to ensure everything in your design looks truly perfect—not just the visual design, but from a technical perspective as well.

Stay realistic about the timeframe
Offset printing offers higher quality, but also comes hand in hand with a more lengthy setup process and a longer turnaround. While the typical basic packaging job takes about 7-10 business days to finish, clients who choose more deluxe options and/or need a larger quantity of boxes should plan for a turnaround of up to 15 business days (in the event of a profound crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, please add at least one week to these turnaround times). And don’t forget to include time for shipping to your business address! Expect the entire order process to take a minimum of 4-6 weeks (and likely longer than that in real life), depending on how much design work and revision is needed.

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