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Vinyl Banners Printing Services

Vinyl banner material

-We use the highest quality 13 oz.matte or gloss reinforced outdoor vinyl for all of our vinyl banners.

-We double here your banners with high-strength stitching to ensure durability.

How big can you make a vinyl banner?

We provide custom full color printting on one contunuous sheet of vinyl up to 5" x 150 "

Finishing options

Ass grommets every 2 feet
High quality stiching for hemmed edges
pole pockets

What are vinyl banners used for?

Vinyl banners are an excellent medium for delivering a clear message to a large audience.banners can be used for special events,signage,and general outdoor advertising,but don't limit yourself!remember that all of our vinyl banners are printed in full-color,so you can place real images and photographs on the design and watch as we turn your on-screen productions to life in our factory!the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

How should i setup my artwork for vinyl banners?

With vinyl banners,the file setup guidelines for graphic design are slightly different than for printting on paper.all of our baners have hemmededges so you will need to provide 1/4" bleeds on all sides by extending your artwork. for example,if the banner is 24 inches x 48 inches,create your artwork to be 24.5x48.5(.25"extra on each edge,totaling .50"L x W).when we hern the edges on a vinyl banner.the edges are folderd over and some of the artwork will wrap around to the back,so it's important that you account for this.keep important elements such as text at least 1" away from all edges to avoid getting cut off.due to the nature of vinyl,it may expand or shrink depending on environmental factors.

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