Custom Box Sleeves Printing Services


        At Business Image Printing, our custom printed box sleeves are an easy and stylish addition to your product’s boxes. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to purchasing an entire custom printed box, then look no further as box sleeves are a simple solution to getting your product’s name or company logo onto the box without the hassle. With various styles and designs such as our tuck-end box sleeves or windowed box sleeves at your disposal, we’re certain that you can find something that will fit your vision and creative design of your product. With our highly versatile box sleeves, our team of trained experts can create box sleeves to fit any size or shape you can think of and if you have any special ideas for your box sleeves such adding UV coating or embossing your custom box sleeves, then feel free to call our staff and we’ll gladly make as many adjustments as you’d like. Using state-of-the-art equipment and our years of experience working with clients all over the United States, Business Image Printing carries both the skill and resources to create anything you can dream up. With the addition of your very own custom box sleeves, your product will be given the vibrancy and the professional-grade look it needs to stand above the competition and net in customers. With high-quality tools, an experienced team of dedicated workers, and a full-range of CMYK colors, Business Image Printing can design, create, and print just about anything that you can imagine. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact us via email or phone and we hope to do business with you soon.



You can choose any of these box sleeve styles below for your product content box.
You can also refer to our Box Product Library that provides you with various ideas for your product content.

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Box Sleeve Style Box Sleeve Applications
Regular Box Sleeve
TTOB Box Sleeve
SLOB Box Sleeve
Combination Box Sleeve
Computer Software Box Sleeves Printing
Cellular Phone Package Box Sleeves Printing
Cosmetic Product Box Sleeves Printing
Food Pack Box Sleeves Printing
General Package Box Sleeves Printing
Gift Pack Box Sleeves Printing
DVD Movie Box Sleeves Printing
Music CD Box Sleeves Printing
Soap Pack Box Sleeves Printing
School Supplies Box Sleeves Printing
Toy Pack Box Sleeves Printing



Box Sleeve Printing Services

If you are looking to give your boxed products the perfect finishing touch, then Business Image Printing has just what you are looking for. Our box sleeves add an attention-grabbing design to your box sleeves packages, as they are customized to fit over plain cardboard boxes sleeves and leave a finished exterior for sale.


These boxes have no bottom, which allows for the sleeve effect that will set your business apart. They are easy to assemble and may come with a matte or gloss finish at your request. You will work with our design team to determine how you would like the thickness of paper or cardboard, as well as if you would like box windows or packaging inserts.



Your box sleeves can help advertise your packaged products simply and effectively. Whether your products include packages of candy or DVD sets, we can create the striking design that will have your brand in the forefront of customer's minds. With the option of a box window, you can even show consumers exactly what they will receive, allowing you to help them make the most informed decision.


Box sleeves are also great for point of sale displays and promoting your business at sales events. By creating such an engaging display, others will simply have to see what's inside. They are a cost-effective means of spreading your brand name and image to the public, which makes all the difference instead of using a bland and basic box for your items.


Business Image Printing offers lithograph, full-color printing for all of your cardboard box sleeves. Our in-line water base aqueous coating and finishing options will ensure the highest quality for your printed projects; you can also count on us for our environmentally-friendly and recyclable cardboard materials. The finished boxes are then shipped flat to you with all of your exact specifications met. To better find out how we can best meet your box sleeve needs today, simply Contact Us for more information.