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Custom Folding Cartons Printing and Packaging Services



        The folding carton itself has defined the packaging industry up to this day and continues to do so at that. At Business Image Printing our folding cartons are made of paperboard that is printed, laminated, cut, then folded and glued before being sent off to our clients. From there the cartons which are shipped flat can be folded into its actual shape. This process has become a staple of the packaging industry and of Business Image Printing as folding cartons have been used for decades to package common products like cereal boxes and for good reason as well. Our folding cartons are a cost-friendly solution to satisfy all your custom packaging needs as our staff is well-equipped to help you bring your ideas and vision into reality. Whether your product comes from the food industry or medical industry, our custom folding cartons can boast both quality and versatility in making your product communicative yet eye-catching. With very little effort on your side, we can help you create the ideal packaging, one that can communicate your product’s purpose, attract customers, and give it the professional-grade look it needs to stand out from competition. We also offer an impressive selection of design templates and additional features at your disposal to use for your custom packaging such our special UV coating. However, if you’d like a completely fresh and unique design of your own simply let us know what you would like the design and look of your custom folding carton to be and our team can handle the rest. In short, our folding cartons are an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and high-grade solution for all your packaging needs.



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Folding Carton Packaging Printing Services

Our folding carton packaging box printing services will provide your business with a wide array of packaging options for your products. Carton packaging is useful for food boxes, medical boxes, manufacturing and more. They are considered to be among the most economical forms of packaging available.


It's easy to create high quality, attractive folding cartons with the packaging service at Business Image Printing. Just let us know your printing specifications for sizes, shapes and colors. We will bring much packaging experience to your project, as we supply comprehensive design plans, and demonstrate cost-effectiveness by printing, die-cutting, folding, gluing and packaging in-house.



A folding carton is a type of packaging quite unlike any other. One advantage is they allow for more flexible packaging than a typical box. Our folding carton custom packaging printing is now available as yet one more option for you, the customer. You can turn to for all of your printing service needs.


At Business Image Printing, we understand that your products that need to stand out amongst the competition. We are able to create folding carton printing designs that will help you make that crucial first impression on your customer. Your folding cartons can have eye-catching printed designs and bright, attractive colors, all while incorporating a simple design that will not overwhelm viewers.


Your folding cartons can have crucial marketing effects if used to their fullest potential. If considering an investment in packaging box printing, it's important to first make sure folding carton printing is right for your needs. Some question the strength of the current market for it, but your dedication can make it work with our quality printing products.


If you are into eco-friendly printing, it's good to know that paperboard cartons are natural products and recyclable. You can choose from different folding carton printing materials depending on what products pertain to your business. As for special requirements regarding flaps, cuts or other design touches on the carton, just Contact Us and we will work to make each finishing touch possible.


Business Image Printing will help you meet all your folding carton packaging boxes printing demands with efficiency in both printing cost and quality. Our customer service team will be there to assist with any packaging needs, as you create the perfect printing design to draw your customers in. Let's begin setting up your folding carton project today. See our Custom Quote form for more details.