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Q,What are pillow pack boxes in the printing and packaging industry?

A, pillow pack box is a type of specialty package that is ideal for smaller, lighter items such as gift cards, candy, jewelry and more. They pop into shape to resemble a miniature cardboard pillow, with interlocking tabs for protection of contents. Pillow pack boxes are a sure-attention getter in the marketplace, due to their novel appearance.

Besides their use in the retail industry, pillow pack boxes can also be used as party favors or wedding favors. You may also add finishing touches such as stickers or ribbons, along with the color and coating of your choice. Find out how pillow pack boxes can improve your business today by stopping by

Boxes Printing Frequently Asked Questions

Box Printing Services

Business Image Printing is here to assist you with all of your box and packaging needs. Understandably, there are many boxes available for all different occasions, in sizes and shapes of your discretion. Let us help you find the perfect box printing for your products, documents and other materials for safe-keeping.

Gift boxes, for instance, make great ideas for holiday celebrations or special occasions. We also have boxes intended for toy production and book-style boxes as used for software games. In other words, the possibilities are endless as to what kind of box you'd like.

For printing items that require special care, we have packaging that will meet just about any requirement. There are boxes for computer accessories and other electronic devices that will ensure safe handling during shipping. Our square tube box sleeve mailers are also great for items that need special care.

Simply fill out our details and pricing form to begin customizing your printed boxes for their intended purpose. You'll find our customer service to be impressive, as we are here to answer any questions you may have about the box type and design that is right for you.

Don't forget about our box sleeves, which may be suitable for your specific product needs. These printed sleeves are intended for placement on plain cardboard boxes to give an aesthetically appealing exterior. You may also want to consider litho label box printing, which will also help you give your business the visual impact it needs.

Get started on improving your business' efficiency in packaging correspondence today. We will meet all of your printing and packaging needs with quick turnaround times you will appreciate. No matter what your service or industry, we will create the printed box that will serve its purpose and get your desired image across. contact us.

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