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Custom Box Sleeve Printing Services - Know How !

What is a box sleeve?


A box sleeve is a type of visually appealing cover for packages that can give you the sales edge you need. They are designed to be a quick and convenient way of enhancing the appearance of a boxed product. They can be used in conjunction with a variety of industries, including toy sets and CD carrying cases. The box sleeve makes for a versatile type of product promotion.


Depending on the project, box sleeves may have windows for viewing of the product or other design touches such as a product logo. Touches such as a tuck top are also readily available for your convenience.


How is the box sleeve produced?


These sleeves are usually made from paper or cardboard and they are formatted to fit all different packages your business offers. Business Image Printing die-cuts, folds and glues your box sleeves to match the different designs we offer, such as the snap lock, open bottom box sleeve.


Just let us know the exact dimensions of your products and we will be sure the box sleeve offers a firm, comfortable fit for your goods. Your box sleeves can be enhanced with our professional finishing options to give it that extra polish.

What is the thickness of cardboard paper for box sleeve printing?

The cardboard stock used for box sleeves is usually more than 15 pt. Sizes ranging from 18 pt. to 24 pt. are available.
How can Business Image Printing help you?
Business Image Printing can help you because of our many years of experience in the printing industry. We have a premiere sense of packaging, as well as a dedicated staff on hand that can meet any of your requests. No matter what the needs are of your project, we can help make it a reality.


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