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Ideas for Blister Style Ideas for Blister Applications
  Face Seal Blister Pack
  Fold Over Blister Card
    (Bi-fold Blister Card)
  Trap Blister Pack
  Computer Accessory Blister Pack
  Cosmetic Products Blister Pack
  Household Products Blister Pack
  Electrical Small Device Blister Pack
  Mechanical Fastener Products Blister Pack
  Mechanical Tooling Products Blister Pack
  Medical Products Blister Pack
  Office Supply Blister Pack
  School Supply Blister Pack
  Snack Food Products Blister Pack
  Sport Products Blister Pack
  Toys Blister Pack
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“What are Blister packs?”
“What are advantages to change to Blister packaging?”

Blister Pack Introduction

Business Image Printing has much experience in this specialty production line. We handle all the pre-press and pre-manufacturing for our blister packs, at competitive prices that won’t be beat. Contact Us to find out how blister packs can create a boom for your business today.

Blister packs have been often associated with PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, packaging. One negative connotation associated with this packaging is the chlorine content, which is poor for the environment. These types of packs can be difficult to open without a tool of some sort as well. However, an advantage of Business Image Printing’s blister packs is their environmentally friendly packaging.

So many businesses are thinking of green and environmentally sound options for their product needs today and our blister packs are an easy way for your company to join in. Our blister pack printing process uses plastic and paperboard to help create an eco-friendly alternative. These options are important for reinforcing a socially responsible image for your company regarding waste.

There are different types of blister packaging printing available for a wide host of products, such as fold-over blister cards intended for smaller items. These can be used for packing USB drives, medication, smaller office supplies and more. The fold-over blister card is a convenient and easy to carry type of packaging that will suit customers who are on-the-go. Business Image Printing usually prints fold-over blister cards on 14 to 24 pt. paperboard; however, we can meet any custom specifications you have for your materials.

Face seal blister packs are among the most well-known types of blister packs. They have the larger plastic sections associated with uniquely shaped products. These work well for products such as electric razors or goggles. We will heat seal the plastic blister to our paperboard cards, adjusting it to meet any specifications of your item and ensure safety. Our face seal blister packs usually use 10 to 16 pt. paperboard, though again it’s easy to have any of your custom needs met.

Trapped blister pack printing is a more recent packaging development that Business Image Printing is proud to provide. These packs have a plastic blister that protrudes from both sides of the paperboard card. These packs are aesthetically appealing and also work well with hangers in stores, since they balance the product itself better. Trapped blister packs are a great way to introduce a newer and visually appealing look to your items.

Another benefit is the reduced weight and size of shipping, which will be effective for your business as a cost-cutting measure. You will also be sure to see many returns as customers will be able to have a clear picture of the quality product you are offering them. It’s time to find out just how much of a difference blister packaging printing can make for your place of business.

Whether you are in the electronic devices or cosmetics business, blister packs are a versatile packaging option that can work for you. Business Image Printing will assist you with design elements for your blister pack project, such as color, shape and a logo that will draw customer attention. We can also help you decide if a fold-over blister card or face seal blister pack is right for you. Contact Us today to begin the blister pack printing project that will invigorate your in-store sales.